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 Global announcement:  

Build Server Revamped.

About time, eh?
As of now, I'm on holiday. When I'm back home, more or less the 20th September, I will commence work/upgrades on the Build server.

Such as:
-Update WireMod.
-Added Maps. (Be sure to request some in the right forum. NOT in here.)
-A new approach to "Weld Tool".
-Additional Operators (Apply here.)
-GCX will be added once more (Members only).
-Update Evolve (Admins only).

Any more ideas, suggestions or requests,...

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Finally got of my lazy butt to work on this.
Hello BS community. Wink
I FINALLY decided to rewrite the inventory code. I expect it should be done today. Here's the new deal:
Admin setting for max inventory size.
No more 5 sweps, 2 shipments crap. "Unlimited" of everything.
No more bugging out.
Settings for Allowed entities that can be picked up.
The ability to create easy custom items.
Divided into tabs:

I will also rewrite the Car Mod, but that comes later.

by jakegadget - Comments: 3 - Views: 435
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Teams, Datatypes, functions, the basics.
Hi all, again.

Its time to learn how to setup our gamemode. Im assuming you downloaded skeleton gamemode. Extract it somewhere, desktop, and you should have a folder called skeleton. This needs to go into garrysmod/gamemodes. Im assuming you alread understand the gmod file structure, for gamemodes, addons, etc. Inside is info.txt. This is our first stop. Its fairly self explanitory. You can ignore info, icon, hide for now.

   "name"      "TUTORIAL...

by jakegadget - Comments: 3 - Views: 1208
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Hello all,
Since the servers are down and all thanks to the exploit, Now might be a good time to learn lua, if you have never tried it. This is part 1, the introduction.

Who this is targeted at
This is for everyone who wants to learn lua. This will proceed from the assumption that you know the the basics of Algebra 1, and understand the concept of variables.

The target
Through out this tutorial, you will learn how to make a gamemode in garrysmod from scratch. This may sound difficult, but it gives you maximum control over your...

by jakegadget - Comments: 1 - Views: 340
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Sup again guys. New video. Showing off the BeanBag shotgun for cops at +20 Karma. Also, the WIP jail. And the finished NPC Shops.

Thats all for now folks.

by jakegadget - Comments: 4 - Views: 341
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Sup guys, just thought I'd show off some of the new stuff I got in.

I redid the Hud, much nicer now:

Also, here is a little video on how admins would setup a map:

Almost done with the...

by jakegadget - Comments: 1 - Views: 397
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Hi everyone. I'm (FINALLY) back. Was having computer troubles for a bit. I thought I'd key y'all into my latest work. I decided that to really learn Lua inside and out that I would need to make a gamemode. This gamemode will incorporate everything from my old projects. Hats, my Containers and Combinations, along with some other things. I know it pains you to go here, but here is the post on Failpunch:

Ham and Jelly is helping too. He's making an AWESOME map for this.

by jakegadget - Comments: 3 - Views: 344
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Hi again everyone. Haven't really had much time to do updates lately, but I have been helping Bam with his new Gamemode. Here's some work on an existing jetpack SWEP that added working fuel and fire effects. Bam is planning on changing the model.

Slideshow of some pics on PhotoBucket

Feel free to post comments about how it looks like he's farting, or how his fuel level is at 69.

by jakegadget - Comments: 9 - Views: 353
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Ive been *really* busy with school lately, so I haven't been able to get many updates out. This isn't very big, and doesn't relate to DarkRP, but I thought I might share anyway.

This is my modification of Catdaemon's Shuttle SENT. I didn't change much, but I think it made it easier to use, especially for gcombat fights and such. Here's the changes:
-Changed the keys, W/S forward/back, A/D Roll, Run Boost,...

by jakegadget - Comments: 1 - Views: 326
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Back from the wedding, heres some updates for yall:

and, as promised, the STool:

Its called "Prop Ladder", it turns any prop into a sudo ladder. Kinda like the ones from Onslaught. Creating a real ladder is impossible since the majority of the props are not straight lines. I may redo...

by jakegadget - Comments: 3 - Views: 359
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Just wanted to apologize. I'm up in northern California today, for a wedding. Wont be able to give you any new updates since I'm not on my own computer.
I'll be back on Sunday with some Hat Updates and a little surprise ;)
Hint: My first STool

by jakegadget - Comments: 1 - Views: 309
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 [ Poll ]  

Hat DMing

Someone brought up a good point the other day:

"If hats drop on death, people will just kill for hats."

So, should they drop on death? I'm leaving it up to you ;)

Also, any other ideas for hat props let me know.

by jakegadget - Comments: 7 - Views: 367
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Hello everyone!

Cube here, wanted to say hi. Bam added this forum so I can get feedback and ideas for lua projects. Im doing code mainly for the DarkRP server, but I can do other stuff too. To start, I might as well make this first post meaningful. Today I'm working on some Hat sents for a Hat/clothing(more on that later) salesman. The idea is that the hat sents will be 'E' to wear. When you die, you will drop them. Anyone can wear them. And to take them off you visit a Hat Rack sent and 'E' it.

Here's a short demo vid:

by jakegadget - Comments: 10 - Views: 388
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